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063 Adam Aloisi – Man Against Machine: Investing in a World of HFT and ZIRP

Adam Aloisi is a former finance and investment journalist, and analyst turned full-time investor in stocks, bonds, options, and real estate. Currently, Adam resides in the beautiful region of South Central Pennsylvania, where he focuses much of his time trading accounts, dabbling in real estate investments, and watching dividend growth. (Press play button to listen […]

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062 Michael Lumbard – The Greatest and Most Challenging Game in Town

I am joined today with Michael Lumbard, Retired Air Force Colonel and self-proclaimed amateur investor. Despite labeling himself as an amateur, Michael has dabbled in the investment industry since his early 30′ before taking the plunge and getting serious. Michael has been a serious stock market investor for over 10 years. (Press play button to […]

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058 Simon Constable – Why You Should Want a Strong Dollar

Simon Constable – Why You Should Want a Strong Dollar   Simon Constable is a brilliant business and economics writer, speaker, and co-author of the award-winning book, The Wall Street Journal Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter. He writes columns for several publications including The Wall Street Journal,, Forbes, OZY, and […]

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057 Chris DeMuth Father’s Day Interview – Raise Your Kids to be Successful Adults

Chris DeMuth Father’s Day Interview   Chris DeMuth Jr joins Brian for the part one of three in a Special Father’s Day series – How to Raise Your Kids to Become Successful Adults Chris is the founder of Rangeley Capital LLC. Rangeley is an investment firm that focuses on event driven, value-oriented investment opportunities. Prior to […]

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055 Eli Inkrot – Getting An Edge In The Market

Eli Inkrot   Successfully established writer, Eli Inkrot, holds a Master’€™s degree with highest honors in Finance from the University of Tampa as well as an undergraduate degree in both Economics and Business Administration from Otterbein University. Through his educational and professional career, Eli has positioned himself as a financial expert, publishing a book on […]

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