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Portfolio Management and Analysis with Michael Gayed

Michael Gayed Michael Gayed is the Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager of Pension Partners, LLC. He has been featured in countless, nationally-recognized publications such as CNBC, and has contributed articles for Marketwatch, Seeking Alpha, and the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report. He has written the foreword to his father’s book, Intermarket Analysis and Investing, […]

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Future of Oil and Natural Gas, Featuring Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren Jennifer Warren is an expert research and natural resource analyst. Her expert opinion on global resource issues has been published in several publications including the Far Eastern Economic Review and Energy Trends Insider. Additionally, her predictions regarding economic matters have also become highly sought-after by several radio stations and professional conferences. Jennifer holds […]

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Negative Interest Rates, Cody Willard, Future of US Interest Rates

Cody Willard Cody Willard is a former hedge fund manager, television anchor, and founder of the website Trading With Cody, and online membership program dedicated to helping stock and options traders get the best Wall Street investment information and advice. Additionally, he is the Chairman of Scutify, a highly sought-after public speaker, and an author […]

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CEO and Portfolio Manager at NewArc Investments, Jeff Miller, Talks Strategy

Jeff Miller Talks Strategy Jeff Miller has dedicated his career to helping people invest their money wisely. With over 20 years of experience in trading options, futures, and equities, he has become widely known as a leader in the investment industry. Currently, he is the CEO and Portfolio Manager at NewArc Investments, an investment firm […]

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Stock Trading Powerhouse, Tom Gentile, Talks Margin Calls and Successful Trading

Tom Gentile Tom Gentile is an author, teacher, public speaker, and Stock expert from Sarasota, Florida. Since 1986 he has been a powerhouse stock trader, developing his unique style of trading systems and strategies on the American Stock Exchange. Over the course of his career, he has founded and co-founded several successful companies within the […]

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Achieving Financial Success, Jason Hartman Joins The Conversation

Jason Hartman Jason Hartman is a leader in the real estate investment industry, host of several popular real estate podcasts, publisher and marketer, and the President of two successful businesses: Platinum Properties Investor Network and The Hartman Media Company. In addition to these many talents, he is also the founder of a financial literacy foundation, […]

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Dividend Dog Catcher, Fredrik Arnold Helps Find Dogs Of The Dow

Dividend Dog Catcher, Fredrik Arnold Helps Find Dogs Of The Dow Seeking Alpha financial blogger and Dividend Dog Catcher, Fredrik Arnold’s fascination with capital preservation, fixed fractional trading, and trading systems keeps him blogging for Seeking Alpha and most of his articles focus on dividend yields and analyst mean 1 yr targets as stock trading […]

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Scott Krisiloff Of Avondale Asset Management On Honesty, Integrity, And Humility In Investing

Scott Krisiloff Of Avondale Asset Management On Honesty, Integrity, And Humility In Investing Joining Brian today is Scott Krisiloff, the CEO of Avondale Asset Management, a Los Angeles based investment firm managing investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions. Avondale’s purpose is to pursue superior long-term investment returns within the context of their […]

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