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Doctors Without Borders: The Beauty of Humanity

In this special bonus podcast I interviewed Dr. Deane Marchbein from Doctors Without Borders. These bonus podcasts highlight our values that every dollar we spend in every minute we spend is an investment in something. We also believe that not every investment requires a financial return. Organizations like Doctors Without Borders are doing amazing things to […]

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Jennifer Fitzgerald: Making Sense of Life Insurance and Why it Matters

Jennifer Fitzgerald – PolicyGenius Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of PolicyGenius. PolicyGenius is known for being the easiest way to get insurance. Buying insurance stinks, PolicyGenius makes it better with ease and education. At PolicyGenius, she is the resident expert on insurance and financial consumer behavior. Before PolicyGenius, Jennifer was an Associate Principal at […]

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James Kostohryz: Valuing Global Markets – Where Are We Now?

James Kostohryz James has accumulated over twenty years of experience investing and trading virtually every asset class across the globe. He started his investment career as an analyst at one of the US’s largest asset management firms covering sectors as diverse as emerging markets, banking, energy, construction, real estate, metals and mining. Later, James became […]

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Todd Tresidder: How Asset Allocation Beats Stock Picking

Todd Tresidder Todd Tresidder is the man behind Financial Mentor where he helps his clients find financial freedom. Todd has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood building many businesses and retiring at age 35 from his position as a Hedge Fund Investment Manager responsible for a 20+ million dollar portfolio. Todd’s portfolio management for the […]

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Chris DeMuth Jr: Personal Investing Philosophy and Process – PLUS: Teaching Your Kids to Invest

Chris DeMuth Jr. – Rangeley Capital Chris DeMuth Jr. is the founder of Rangeley Capital LLC. Rangeley is an investment firm that focuses on event driven, value-oriented investment opportunities. Prior to founding Rangeley Capital, Mr. DeMuth spent his career as a securities analyst for several hedge funds and proprietary trading desks with a specialty in […]

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David Stein: Personal Investing Philosophy and Process- PLUS: Portfolio Management in Turbulent Markets

David Stein – Money for the Rest of Us For close to two decades David advised and managed assets for institutions and financial planners. David was Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Fund Evaluation Group, LLC, a $33 billion investment advisory firm, where he co-headed the 21-person research group. David co-founded the firm’s […]

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