Podcast: Investing Wisdom and Big Trends with Kirk Spano (1/2)

Kirk Spano

MarketWatch columnist, founder of FundamentalTrends.com, and Bluemound Asset Management, Kirk Spano joins Brian from INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY for discussion about the power of demographics, the difference between players checker vs chess when investing, and all sorts of major trends from electric vehicles to nuclear power. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Family Investor

  • Gold could begin to decline in real value cormepad to the Dow? If real value is purchasing power, then there is no reason to think that will ever happen. Gold has had the same purchasing power throughout history and is stable. It preserves wealth and is a good tool for value comparison. The value of Gold does not fluctuate, but silver does. I believe silver can be a real wealth maker in that its price will increase faster than the dollars’s value will decrease.

    • Family Investor

      Thanks for your comment! I tend to agree that gold is a store of value. The value of any asset is relative to the asset it is being compared to.