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Matt Giovanisci



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Matt Giovanisci is a fun-loving, energetic marketing and
personal finance guru as well as an expert in pool and spa care. He
is the Founder and owner of Swim University, a company based in
Williamstown, New Jersey dedicated to teaching people across the
country and around the world how to simplify cleaning and caring
for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.


Matt’€™s financial history is an interesting one. It first started when he was fired from a good
paying marketing job, then later laid off from a marketing director
position at a restoration company. Once he was laid off, he decided
that the only way he will be successful €”on his terms”€“ would be
to go into business for himself, so he founded SwimU.


While building Swim University to the highly successful business
that it is today, he became fast friends with several people in the
personal finance industry. He learned many valuable tips that have
helped him budget his money, and later, became one of the voices of
one of the most talked about, listened to personal finance podcasts
on the internet: Listen Money Matters. When Matt is not helping
people learn how to make cleaning and caring for their pools easy,
he can be found blogging about one of the tastiest drinks ever
created: coffee!


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