076 Dividend House – Build A Profitable Dividend Growth Investing Portfolio From Scratch

Lynn (aka “Dividend House”) has been investing for over 30 years, but more recently began taking a much more hands on approach. In this interview, she dives into all the details of what it means to her to be a Dividend Growth Investor aka “DGI”. (Press play button to listen or click here to download.) […]

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075 Jesse Moore – An Obsolete Tesla, Pioneering Asteroid Mining, And Space Elevators

Jesse Moore comes out of the oil industry (upstream, midstream, and downstream) and brings with it special insights that help him as an investor. Recently, he wrote about whether Tesla’s autonomous vehicle program is a self-defeating business model and I wanted to sit down learn more about his thesis and thoughts. He also wrote about […]

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072 Bret Jensen – Everything You Need To Know About Biotech Right Now

Bret Jensen is one of the most brilliant minds regarding biotech investment, and apparently lots of other sectors as you’ll see in this interview. We start the interview with an onslaught of just about every great opportunity Bret sees in the market right now and end up talking about how he’d invest from a desert […]

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071 Mark Hibben – How the Market Doesn’t Understand Tech

Mark Hibben is an electrical engineer and independent iOS developer who actively contributes on Seeking Alpha offering insights from his tech background. In this interview, we dive deeper into a few of his recent articles on Apple and Tesla. (Press play button to listen or click here to download.) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS […]

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070 Ralph Baker (Shock Exchange) – The Kids that Predicted the Great Recession

Ralph Baker is known on Seeking Alpha as “Shock Exchange,” a name he derives from his youth mentoring program that teaches investment management skills and competitive basketball skills. Ralph started learning to invest in the 5th grade when his dad gave him a copy of the WSJ and started quizzing him on it. Since then, […]

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