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Resource Recommendation: PTT Research

Our new paid resource recommendation is PTT Research.

The goal of Investor in the Family is to provide investors sound financial advice to help bring about prosperous financial futures. Many of you are in a situation similar to our own–dealing with limited resources and looking into an uncertain financial future. For this reason, we offer free or very affordable resources to help you make sound financial decisions. Occasionally, we will recommend more expensive paid resources as well. PTT Research is a paid resource that currently ranges anywhere from $1,400/year up to $5,000 for a lifetime subscription. These numbers look intimidating and honestly may not be the best fit for all of our readers, but we encourage you to keep reading before making a decision.

For us, a lifetime subscription to PTT Research paid for itself several times over in about two months. It has been far and away worth the investment. The price is higher now than when we joined, and is set to rise again soon due to high demand.

***We have an exciting announcement for readers, through a special partnership with PTT Research, our readers can enjoy $500 off a lifetime membership to their service. Through any of the links provided in this article, add the lifetime subscription to your cart and use discount code “faminvestor” at checkout. The code will only work through the links found in our article.***

Why do we recommend PTT Research? These are some results we have seen from picks recommended by PTT:

  • 64.5% in 2.5 months on Techprecision (TPCS), currently sitting at $1.17 at the time of writing with a price target of $4, giving it a potential 240% upside from here.
  • 31.5% in 2 months on Pixelworks (PXLW), currently sitting at $6.31 at the time of writing with many significant potential catalysts still to come.
  • 63% in 2 months on Himax (HIMX), currently sitting at $15.80 at the time of writing, having already increased well over 400% since the initial recommendation.
  • 146% in 2.5 months on Globalstar (GSAT), currently sitting at $2.57 at the time of writing with a price target of $4, giving it a potential 55% upside from here.
  • 54.5% in 4.5 months on Glu Mobile (GLUU), currently sitting at $5.54 at the time of writing with a price target of $9, giving it a potential 70% upside from here.

This does not mean they won’t have their misses. There have been a few picks where we have lost money, but gains like the ones above have far outweighed any losses. Of their total of 27 core and speculative picks, 19 have doubled, tripled, or been acquired.

Why haven’t any of our stocks tripled yet (200% gain)? Despite the name Poised to Triple, not every pick triples, but many do. One reason many of our stocks have not tripled is that we are newer to the service and as a result have not been able to purchase all of our stocks at the initial recommendation price of PTT. Another factor, you can see from our list above that many of the stocks still have a lot of upside left in them that can take them into triple territory.

We have watched this site and their picks for some time now and come to respect them highly. Be sure to read their methodology before jumping in as their picks can come with a fair amount of volatility and you want to be ready to make wise decisions. Many of their picks end up doubling and tripling in relatively short time, but some can also turn to busts. Even so, the wins far outperform the losses.

In the end, we give PTT Research our highest recommendation and rank them as one of our top three stock investing resources. We hope you find them just as rewarding.

These are all reasons why we have chosen to partner with PTT Research here at Investor in the Family.

*** FYI, an annual subscription to the PTT Research costs less than $4 per day. The average expense at Starbucks is nearly double that, but they don’t offer picks to triple your money! Keep that in mind – just $4 per day. Just one triple can pay for a Lifetime subscription many times over! ***

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