Top 3 Investments That Give The Best Return

Get the top 3 investments that are guaranteed to get you a great return.

Are you a reactionary investor? Do you over-think the decisions, or make too many investment decisions that don’t pan out the way you wanted? Investment strategies, financial management, portfolio building and meeting your lifestyle goals are all topics on the show today and Brian has an amazing guest. Winner of the 2015 PLUTUS award for Best Retirement Focused Blog/Podcast, Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answer Man himself is here.

As a Financial Advisor in 1991, Roger has witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of the “new economy” and the Dot-com bubble that ended in 2000. This experience solidified that financial management is about people, not money, and that they are served best by advisors that are fiduciaries to their clients, and have the heart of a teacher. In 2003 Roger left his job the largest private bank in the world at the time and, with two wonderful partners, established WWK Wealth Advisors. Today, they are a firm of 14 professionals managing over $200 million in assets.


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