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Welcome to Investor in the Family!

I am honored that you’ve chosen to learn to invest with me.

My name is Brian and I’d like to get something out in the open. I’m not a professional investor and I’m pretty sure no one would consider me a guru of any kind.

So why should you keep reading this?

Because I am an investor, like you, who is in the midst of learning what it means to be a “successful” investor. I have a family and I want to provide for them. I have an income and I want to steward that money well. Hopefully, I can invest it in a way that makes life better for my family, community, and world.

While I may not be a “pro,” I do have a growing body of experience and training to share with you. By design, I am both a student and a teacher. I love to learn and I love to teach. My commitment to becoming a successful investor positions me to help fast track the process for you.

After all, one of our biggest obstacles as investors is time. We have very little time to dedicate to investment research and training and an overwhelming amount of news and content to wade through. One of my goals is to do much of the heavy lifting for you. I want to identify, process, and summarize the news and training you want and need into content you actually have time for.

In addition to my written content and training, I also have a podcast, Investor in the Family Radio. On the show, I we offer lots of great investing training and also bring you access to a wide array of investors for you to learn from. Doing this show has provided a significant boost to my personal investing as I’ve been exposed to so many different views and approaches.

My training philosophy breaks down into a few simple points.

I want to:

  • Help protect you from big mistakes and
  • Help you to outperform your benchmarks

I want to do this by:

  • Helping you build a simple plan
  • Helping you stick to your plan

To wrap all this up, I want you to know that I’m here for you.

I genuinely want to see you become a successful investor by offering you the training, access to pros, and community that you need to finally turn the corner on your investing journey.

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Brian Bain
Founder Investor in the Family and
Online Investing Conference



P.S. A lot of people wonder about the name, Investor in the Family. I came up with this name years ago when I started this company. The idea behind the company was that as I was learning to invest, I knew I had a lot of friends who had no idea where to begin when it came to investing.

Unlike me, they had no background and weren’t passionate about it. Most of them wanted an “investor in the family” they could turn to and get help from. Not unlike when you’re at Thanksgiving and start quizzing your uncle who’s a doctor about what’s wrong with your knee. (You know what I’m talking about!)

So, Investor in the Family was born. It really carries two meanings, the one mentioned and the one that focuses on YOU. You are the investor in your family and our goal here is to help you be the best investor you possibly can.