094 Adam Aloisi – The Present Danger Of Closed End Funds

Adam Aloisi Closed End Funds – Adam joins me to discuss Closed End Funds (CEFs). What are they, how do they work and what opportunity (or threat) do they presently offer?

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Adam Aloisi Closed End Funds

A quick preview:

  • Is there value left in CEFs right now?
  • The complexity and challenge of CEFs.
  • Why a CEF yield may not be what it seems.
  • How leverage and options are used by CEFs and why it’s important for investors to understand.
  • How to find undervalued CEFs.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


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094 – Adam Aloisi Closed End Funds – The Present Danger of Closed End Funds

Adam Aloisi Closed End Funds

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