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In addition to being selected as an All-Star on Scutify, a Contributor on Seeking Alpha, a Top Writer on Quora, and mentions on The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, we are honored to have the strong support of investors like you. Here is what some of our readers have to say:

As a novice investor, I searched the web looking for the whys, whats, hows and whens of the market. When I found “INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY” I was overwhelmed but yet relieved with the amount of knowledge that was provided. The articles provided by INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY have not only helped me investing in the market, but also with my everyday finances. The writer does a good job of explaining things in a way that keeps me intrigued and into the article.  I have recommended Investor in the Family to my family, and will be continuing to refer them to my friends.” – Steve

INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY has been an invaluable resource in terms of guidance related to the market and how it is impacted by developments at home and abroad. The website has a number of resources related to investing in stocks, precious metals, and managing finances. I have grown very fond of the newsletter, and follow the portfolio on a regular basis. Content is written in a personal, candid and easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend the service.” – Tom

I’ve only recently discovered your website and been following your tools and analysis.  I think you make smart decisions and provide good explanations/advice for many investors like me to learn from.  Appreciate your due diligence and transparency.” – Brett

I have found INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY newsletter to be one of my weekly go to sources for quick and reliable market information.  The weekly update is a sane and thoughtful commentary on the market amidst all the fodder that is available to the individual investor.  He started his portfolio in a choppy market but has a long term perspective.  Although I do not follow the portfolio exactly, it has given me investing ideas and confirmed other ideas I was considering.” – David

INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY is a great newsletter to catch up on current events and how they affect market action. Details and commentary and particular investment ideas are very helpful!” – Dane

If you want to understand investing in a very simple and easy to read format, I highly recommend INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY. Great content is posted on a regular basis and it is very easy to understand and digest!” – David

If you’re looking for reasoned, unemotional stock market commentary and market analysis from a successful investor — an investor, not a trader — INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY is an invaluable resource.” – Patrick

Very ironic, but fortunate situation…One day I reviewed the information for the first time and trusted the advice. That afternoon invested in one of the suggested stocks, GLUU, before the market closed. Unknowingly they announced their quarterly earnings the very next day and the stock moved from $5 to $6. Was a great day and I was sold on the information from that point on.” – Jack

It’s refreshing to finally find a normal guy offering good, sound, well researched advice. Honesty is always the best policy.” – Fane

I came across IITF site from one of your answers on Quora.  Being new to investing, I enjoy your articles and updates.  It is a blessing to know that there are people like you that have taken valuable time to educate people.  I just would like to say thanks.” – Hung

I finally found an investment adviser who will share what he knows and learns without always selling something.” – Paul

As a long time student of the market and investor, I ran into Brian and his website simply because we were following many of the themes and stocks. His website is top notch and we recently participated on the initial conference call he held. It was informative and proved that my thoughts in running my client’s money as well as Brian’s are very closely aligned.” – Josh

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