Conference Calls

We periodically have conference calls which offer readers the chance to connect with Brian to discuss the portfolio and other things going on in the market and at INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY.

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The conference call was a great opportunity to hear Brian’s reasoning behind the stocks that make up his portfolio.  It is clear that he has done his research, not only into the companies’ financial data, but also into their management.  It was both interesting and informative to hear his explanations as to why the companies are in a position where their stocks could provide significant growth for their investors.” – Ty

I just wanted to drop you an email and say that I enjoyed the call today.  I have a few positions similar to your portfolio and although they’ve experienced some headwinds in the short-term, you’re investment thesis is still solid and I am also confident that they will bear fruit in the longer term. I’ve only recently discovered your website and been following your tools and analysis.  I think you make smart decisions and provide good explanations/advice for many investors like me to learn from.  Appreciate your due diligence and transparency.” – Brett

As a long time student of the market and investor, I ran into Brian and his website simply because we were following many of the themes and stocks such as GLUU and CHK for example. His website is top notch and we recently participated on the initial conference call he held. It was informative and proved that my thoughts in running my client’s money as well as Brian’s are very closely aligned.” – Josh