Helping you become a better investor is a high value of INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY and podcasts are one of many ways we do that. The podcasts typically take one of two main directions.

The first, is when I reach out to other industry and investing professionals. On these calls, I’m looking to create high quality opportunities to both teach and inform you as my listeners.

The second, is when I get the chance to interview non-professional investors. Many times, these investors are readers here at IITF and these podcasts offer a great chance for us to learn from each other. Often times, the lessons learned from our peers end up being some of the most relatable and instructive.

You can find all of our IITF podcasts on our Podcast Page.

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INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY has been an invaluable resource in terms of guidance related to the market and how it is impacted by developments at home and abroad. The website has a number of resources related to investing in stocks, precious metals, and managing finances. I have grown very fond of the newsletter, and follow the portfolio on a regular basis. Content is written in a personal, candid and easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend the service.” – Tom