100 David Stein – The Biggest Lessons Learned of 2016

Episode 100. I’m thankful to reach this milestone and thankful to each and everyone of you for helping to make this show possible. I’m genuinely humbled by your support and faithfulness.

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Investing Lessons Learned 

In honor of episode 100, I am sharing a recording I did with David Stein from “money for the rest of us.” The show was originally recorded live from the TradeKing podcasting station. We were in San Diego a few weeks ago at a financial conference called “FinCon.”


While there we were given the opportunity to record a show together. We decided to discuss some of our biggest investing lessons learned in 2016.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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100 Investing Lessons Learned – The Biggest Lessons Learned of 2016

investing lessons learned

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