051 Jonathan Moreland – How to Invest Alongside Insiders

Jonathan Moreland – How to Invest Alongside Insiders


Jonathan Moreland is Founder and Director of Research of Insider Insights, an online newsletter dedicated to delivering valuable insider data and analytics in real-time to investors, Jonathan Moreland has gained the reputation of becoming an industry leader throughout the trade industry. Moreland has over 20 years of experience identifying and analyzing insider data and has written hundreds of articles in dozens of trade magazines, newspapers, and other publications. He has been featured and interviewed on countless podcasts about stocks, trades, and investments.


In addition to his work with Insider Insights, Jonathan is also the principal of Insider Asset Management, where he works as a registered investment advisor. He has earned his MBA in finance and is the author of the paperback book: Profit from Legal Insider Trading: Invest Today on Tomorrow’s News. The information he shares in his articles, book, and podcast listeners has proven to be invaluable time and time again.


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