060 Mike Nadel – How I Build My Portfolio as a Dividend Growth Investor

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Former sportswriter turned dedicated investor, Mike Nadel’s career story is a truly fascinating one. Mike lived the life that every writer dreamed of writing full-time for a newspaper as the paper’s sports writer for 30 years in addition to an 11-year career as a Chicago sportswriter columnist. That is until he was laid off from his ‘dream job’ during the Great Recession.

After losing the job he loved the most, Mike began writing for a variety of financial websites, such as SeekingAlpha.com, as well as investing in Dividend Growth Investments more specifically in blue-chip companies having long track records of growing dividends. Married to his lovely wife, who currently works as a pediatric nurse, Mike, and his wife are working toward full retirement through their smart investments, as well as Social Security and pension plans. When Mike is not writing or researching investments, he can often be found coaching his local middle-school girls’ basketball team and officiating other youth sports activities in his community.

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060 Mike Nadel – How I Build My Portfolio as a Dividend Growth Investor

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