117 Dividend Sensei – Does Everybody Hate McDonalds?

Everybody hates MCD. Well, maybe not. The company has faced stiff competition and hit some road bumps but appears to be back on its feet. How hopeful should shareholders be in the future of MCD?

I sit down with Adam, the Dividend Sensei to discuss more.

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mcdonalds menu changes

A quick overview:

  • What obstacles is McDonalds facing?
  • Is MCD managment up to the challenge?
  • What strategy should investors take toward MCD?
  • What challenges is MCD facing internationally?
  • How well have new MCD initatives helped to overcome these challenges?
  • What does the future look like for MCD?

Companies Mentioned: McDonalds (MCD)

I hope you enjoy the interview.



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117 Dividend Sensei – McDonalds Menu Changes – Does Everybody Hate McDonalds?

mcdonalds menu changes

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