053 Richard Berger – How To Boost Yields While Reducing Risk

Richard Berger


Richard Berger is a dividend investment expert who transformed his life from sitting in board room meetings in the oil and gas investment industry to becoming the creator and developer of one of the most used screening and monitoring tools in the industry: the YDP screening tool. This tool has helped thousands of dividend investors screen and monitor their dividend income equity investments.


Richard attributes much of his success to the experiences and skills he has established while working in the oil and gas investment industry, making corporate deals. Now retired and living in Brazil, the former COO, Director, Vice President, and General Manager of Oil and Gas for Southern Pacific’€™s Oil and Gas Operations enjoys helping other dividend investors boost their income and while reducing market risk through his tools and services. When he is not analyzing, screening, and monitoring his income dividends or helping other investors through his Premium Research subscription service, he can often be found enjoying a game of cribbage or writing authoritative articles for Seeking Alpha.


Please welcome Richard Berger to the show!