Scott Krisiloff Of Avondale Asset Management On Honesty, Integrity, And Humility In Investing

Scott Krisiloff Of Avondale Asset Management On Honesty, Integrity, And Humility In Investing

Joining Brian today is Scott Krisiloff, the CEO of Avondale Asset Management, a Los Angeles based investment firm managing investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions.

Avondale’s purpose is to pursue superior long-term investment returns within the context of their core values: integrity, humility and fundamental curiosity. In appraising investment opportunities, Scott looks for organizations that share those core beliefs and applying these values to the search for investment opportunities delivers the strong returns that ultimately measure success. Companies and management teams who are sincere, honest, candid, willing to admit and probe mistakes and have an exceptional understanding of their customers and markets create investable opportunities. Only once these criteria are met do we rely on our own understanding of economics, businesses and securities markets to gauge the long-term viability of an investment.


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