110 Mark Hibben – Should You Be Concerned About Apple’s Future?

After Apple reported it’s first earnings decline in 15 years, what should shareholders make of things?

Mark Hibben and I sit down to discuss where Apple is struggling and whether investors have much to look forward to at this point.

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apple future outlook

A quick overview:

  • Why Mark doesn’t buy the peak iPhone concept.
  • Will Apple be able to resume growth in future quarters?
  • If so, where will the growth come from?
  • How Apple continues to fail with iPhone marketing.
  • Is the Apple Watch officially a failure?
  • Should investors be concerned about the future of Apple?
  • Where is innovation coming from in the industry if not from Apple?

Companies Mentioned: Apple (AAPL), Huawei, Microsoft (MSFT), AMD (AMD), Tesla (TSLA)

I hope you enjoy the interview!



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110 Mark Hibben Apple Future Outlook – Should You Be Concerned About Apple’s Future?

apple future outlook

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