109 Ian Bezek – Is The Dollar The Biggest Bull In This Rodeo?

The dollar has once again been surging and commodities have taken a blow. What’s behind the bullish dollar and how might it impact earnings season?

I sit down with Ian Bezek to discuss what’s going on and what opportunities we could be looking for.

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surging value of us dollar

A quick overview:

  • We take a look back and learn from the massive dollar move of 2014.
  • What’s behind the latest bullish move in the dollar?
  • How has oil managed to remain an outlier in the plunge commodities have taken lately?
  • How will the bullish dollar impact 3rd and 4th quarter earnings?
  • What opportunities can investors be on the look for in light of a surging dollar?
  • What are the mechanics of the dollar index? How does it actually work?

Companies Referenced: AstraZeneca (AZN), Unilever (UL), Diageo (DEO), PowerShares Dollar Index (UUP), Euro Trust (FXE), Canadian Dollar (FXC), Yen Trust (FXY), Gold (GLD), U.S. Oil Fund (USO), Boeing (BA), Airbus (EADSF), Mexico ETF (EWW)

I hope you enjoy the interview.



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109 Ian Bezek – The Surging Value of US Dollar

surging value of us dollar

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