104 Richard Berger – The Coming Bear And How To Prepare

Richard Berger and I sit down to talk about his thoughts on preparing for a bear market. Richard shares what he’s doing right now to make sure he is prepared for it.

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preparing for bear market

This leads to an in depth conversation about Richard’s overall investing approach. Out of the 100+ investing interviews I’ve conducted, Richard’s approach continues to be one of my favorites.

A quick overview:

  • Why trying to predict a bear market will get you in trouble.
  • How he uses Gold (GLD) as his emergency fund.
  • How he utilizes cash covered puts in his strategy.
  • A detailed look at his investing approach.
  • What a market bottom looks like.
  • How he determines the fair value of a stock.
  • Much more…

Companies Mentioned: SP 500 (SPY), Cogate (CL), Coca-Cola (KO), PG (PG), General Mills (GIS), PPG (PPG), Consolidated Edison (ED), Exxon (XOM)

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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104 Richard Berger Preparing for Bear Market – It’s Coming

preparing for bear market

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Family Investor

  • Gregory

    Selling puts to wait for lower entry and income sounds good except most people have a majority of there investments in 401K and IRA. IRS doesn’t allow selling puts in an IRA account and you cant buy the GLD ETF in a 401K. Only option is a taxable brokerage account.

    • Family Investor


      Thanks for your comment. I know many 401Ks have these limitations, but I thought IRAs allowed the writing of covered options. My Fidelity account does. Often, they are only available upon request and approval by your broker.


  • Greg

    Brian, IRA brokerage accounts allow covered calls and protective puts but do not allow selling puts as referred to in pod cast. They also don’t allow calls on margin. I want to be able to sell puts so I have to fund a taxable brokerage account with 10000!. Enjoyed the podcast though.

    • Family Investor

      Thanks for the follow-up Greg.

      Right, which is what I believe Richard is advocating for (protected and covered). In episode 86, my guest laid out a great options strategy and insisted that investors avoid uncovered calls and naked puts. Granted, with smaller accounts this can be limiting.


  • Greg

    Sounds good Ill check it out. I appreciate your web site and all the info.

    • Family Investor

      Gladly, appreciate you taking the time to chat.

  • Scott

    Cash secured puts are allowed in IRA accounts depending on your broker and level of options approval. What is not allowed is the use of margin. Just sold some INTC Puts in my Fidelity IRA to buy back a few 100 sh that were called.

    • Family Investor

      Scott, thanks for the follow-up, very helpful. Hope the trade works well for you.