105 Aurelien Windenberger – When SolarCity Will Run Out Of Money

Aurelien Windenberger and I sit down to discuss SolarCity’s (SCTY) financial position in light of their announced acquisition by Tesla (TSLA).

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solarcity stock tesla

Many are saying SolarCity will face significant capital needs in the near future. Is this true? If so, how much will they really need to raise?

A quick overview:

  • A deep look at SolarCity’s business model.
  • How SolarCity makes money and the role that tax credits play.
  • Why SolarCity is so hard to understand financially.
  • How the tax credit extension has hurt SolarCity.
  • Why SolarCity’s balance sheet makes no sense.
  • Will SolarCity cannibalize cash from Tesla?
  • And more…

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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105 Aurelien Windenberger SolarCity Stock Tesla – When SolarCity Will Run Out of Money

solarcity stock tesla

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