104 Richard Berger – The Coming Bear And How To Prepare

Richard Berger and I sit down to talk about his thoughts on preparing for a bear market. Richard shares what he’s doing right now to make sure he is prepared for it.

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preparing for bear market

This leads to an in depth conversation about Richard’s overall investing approach. Out of the 100+ investing interviews I’ve conducted, Richard’s approach continues to be one of my favorites.

A quick overview:

  • Why trying to predict a bear market will get you in trouble.
  • How he uses Gold (GLD) as his emergency fund.
  • How he utilizes cash covered puts in his strategy.
  • A detailed look at his investing approach.
  • What a market bottom looks like.
  • How he determines the fair value of a stock.
  • Much more…

Companies Mentioned: SP 500 (SPY), Cogate (CL), Coca-Cola (KO), PG (PG), General Mills (GIS), PPG (PPG), Consolidated Edison (ED), Exxon (XOM)

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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104 Richard Berger Preparing for Bear Market – It’s Coming

preparing for bear market

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