063 Adam Aloisi – Man Against Machine: Investing in a World of HFT and ZIRP

Adam Aloisi is a former finance and investment journalist, and analyst turned full-time investor in stocks, bonds, options, and real estate.

Currently, Adam resides in the beautiful region of South Central Pennsylvania, where he focuses much of his time trading accounts, dabbling in real estate investments, and watching dividend growth.

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Before transitioning his portfolio into more long-term investment options, Adam focused heavily on trades.Today, he shares the wisdom and advice he has developed in his 30 years of experience in the trading and investment industry.

He explains his approach to growing his portfolio and the tools he uses every day to make his investment decisions, as well as shares valuable insight on why investors, especially new investors, should “remove the emotion factor” from their trading decisions.

Adam Aloisi(Computer algorithms engaged in HFT)

Here’s a recap of today’s episode:

  • Who is Adam and why did he choose to transition from trading to investing in long-term investments?
  • What changes did Adam see occurring in the trading industry and on the market that makes him feel like trading is a “crap shoot” method of investing?
  • What are HFTs, why do they matter, and what have they done to the trading space?
  • How has market vulnerability affected the trading industry and investor success?
  • Does Adam have a prediction on market values for the next few years?
  • Adam shares his advice to new investors based on market values.
  • How has Adam built his portfolio? What is his process or approach to portfolio growth?
  • How does he find, research, and filter companies before he decides to invest?
  • Why does he feel it is important to keep emotions and investment decisions separate?
  • What piece of wisdom and advice can he provide new investors based on his years of experience in the industry?

“Don’t live life through rose colored glasses, especially with your investments.” – Adam Aloisi

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063 Adam Aloisi – Man Against Machine: Investing in a World of HFT and ZIRP

Adam Aloisi