064 Ian Bezek – How to Outperform Any Hedge Fund

Today’s guest is long-term investment expert, Ian Bezek. Ian has had an interest in the stock market and investment industry since he was a young boy and his passion has driven him to an impressive career. After opening his first brokerage account at the age of 18, he attended college to enhance his knowledge and skills in the investment world. While in college, he began investing his time and money into researching market while growing his portfolio.

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After graduating college, Ian was recruited to work as an analyst at a large hedge funds company in New York, where he worked for approximately three years. Today, Ian shares his views on market volatility, long-term investments, short-sales, and options as well as provides valuable words of wisdom for new and experienced investors.


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Ian Bezek(A hedge fund…minus the fund.)

Here’s a recap of today’s episode:

  • Who is Ian and what inspired him to become an investor at the tender age of 11?
  • What was his college experience like as a student and investor?
  • What type of things did he do as an 11 to 18-year-old investor to learn about stocks and investing and make the right investment decisions at such a young age?
  • How valuable is market history to a private investor?
  • What was the most valuable lesson Ian learned while doing market history research?
  • What is Ian’s opinion of the “too early or too late” dilemma when buying back in during a market crash?
  • What are his thoughts on how to make sure you have cash when a market crash is looming?
  • How does he strategize his “insurance cash” investments?

On the Personal Side:

  • Ian shares what it’s like to manage his mother’s portfolio.
  • Were his parents supportive of his decision to become an investor before and after college?
  • Did his college friends share his passion and interests in his investment hobby?

Ian Bezek’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Focus on areas where you can have advantages over the corporate investment pros.
  • Research market history.

“The strike price hardly matters because volatility is what ultimately drives the price” – Ian Bezek

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064 Ian Bezek – How to Outperform Any Hedge Fund

Ian Bezek