Doctors Without Borders: The Beauty of Humanity

In this special bonus podcast I interviewed Dr. Deane Marchbein from Doctors Without Borders.

These bonus podcasts highlight our values that every dollar we spend in every minute we spend is an investment in something. We also believe that not every investment requires a financial return. Organizations like Doctors Without Borders are doing amazing things to make this world a better place. Isn’t that worth investing in?

In this interview with Deane, we talk about her time as a prison doctor in Libya as well as her time in Syria and Afghanistan.

One of my favorite things about this interview is the stories that Deane shares and how they remind us how beautiful people can truly be even the midst of horrifying circumstances. In a world focused on fear and hate, the work of Doctors Without Borders is a great example of what leading with courage and compassion can look like and the difference it can make.

I hope that you will enjoy the interview and even more so I hope that you will take the extra step and make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. Not only do I hope you’ll give a generous year-end contribution but I also hope that you will choose to become an ongoing monthly supporter of their work. Can you find $25, $50, or even $100 or more that maybe you aren’t spending with each month that could instead go toward a truly life-saving cause? I hope you can.

You can learn more about Doctors Without Borders and make a donation HERE.

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