Wes Moss: You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think!

Wes Moss is the host of MONEY MATTERS – the country’s longest running live call-in, investment and personal finance radio show.

Wes is also the Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Investment Advisors (CIA).  CIA currently manages more than a billion dollars in client assets. Wes is a partner at Wela, a digital advisory service that offers free financial management tools and the ability for clients to work online with a financial planner.

In addition, Wes has also served as a financial expert for both local and national media including CNN, CNBC and Fox Business Network.  He has been interviewed by USA Today, Forbes, Time, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and now INVESTOR IN THE FAMILY Radio.

In this interview ,Wes shares the findings from his extensive, nationwide research on personal finance and retirement.

We talk about the battle to be content in a world constantly calling for more. Wall Street, the financial industry, and marketers around the country are trying to convince us that we never have enough. What if we do?

Wes tells us that the magic number for most people to have financial peace of mind is $500,000. In addition to this, a major goal for prospective retirees is to pay off your home before you retire. while this may sound like a daunting task a little extra every year can turn a 30-year mortgage into a 20 year or less.

Wes Moss - You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think

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