Ed Anderson – Compassion International: How To Save A Life

I hope you enjoy the interview with Ed Anderson from Compassion International. In the interview, we talk about the life-changing and life-saving work that Compassion is a part of.

Several years ago, I was able to visit Compassion projects in both Ethiopia and Uganda. After spending time with students in Compassion’s Leadership Development Program, I put together this video:

If you’d like to read more on the work of Dr. Bruce Wydick on the effectiveness of Compassion’s work with children in poverty:

Original Article

Compassion Summary

Compassion was also selected as one of the top 10 charities changing the world in 2015 by CNBC.

As Ed mentioned in the interview, there are a number of areas you can give to Compassion:

Sponsor a Child

Rescue Babies and Mothers

Develop a Future Leader

Meet Critical Needs

I hope that you’ll take some time to consider becoming a monthly supporter of Compassion and the work they are doing to save the lives of children in poverty around the world.

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