113 Montana Skeptic – Can Elon Musk Dream Tesla To Profitability?

Just how long is Elon Musk’s runway? Tesla continues to race against time and the attempted addition of SolarCity only complicates the matter.

Montana Skeptic has closely followed Tesla as a contributor here on Seeking Alpha. We sat down recently to discuss the current situation and outlook.

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elon musk vision for future

A quick overview:

  • Why Tesla is far from being the model for automobile safety.
  • Responding to the passion of Tesla investors.
  • How should people invest in Tesla?
  • What will lead to the Tesla balloon popping?
  • Why the future of Tesla relies on the Model 3.
  • Why the Model 3 won’t see a big rollout in 2017.
  • The danger of the SolarCity deal.
  • The dangerous inter-dependency between Elon Musk’s companies.
  • How and why the Chevy Bolt is beating the Model S.
  • Historical parallels for Musk.
  • Why Tesla is not Amazon.
  • Outside sources for better understanding Tesla.
  • The problem created by subsidies.

Companies Mentioned: Tesla (TSLA), General Motors (GM), SolarCity (SCTY)

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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113 Montana Skeptic – Elon Musk Vision for Future

elon musk vision for future

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