112 Mark Painter – Boosting Yield In An Expensive Market

It’s no secret that many dividend stocks are over-extended in their valuations. What should dividend investors do in light of this? How do you find high dividend yield stocks?

I caught up to Mark Painter to get his thoughts on where things are and what savvy investors can do to boost yields and lower risk.

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find high dividend yield stocks

A quick overview:

  • Why are dividend stocks so overvalued?
  • How real is a the “correction” risk for dividend stocks?
  • Where can investors go to find yield right now?
  • Are there any hidden opportunities in dividend stocks?
  • What options are available for boosting dividend yields?
  • Is selling now a good idea?

Companies Mentioned: General Motors (GM), Gold (GLD), Utilities (XLU), Treasuries (TLT), High Yield Bond (HYG), S&P 500 (SPY)

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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111 Mark Painter – Find High Dividend Yield Stocks

find high dividend yield stocks

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